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12 / 24 / 48Vdc Telecom Inverter, Rack-mount Type (1U 2KVA)


SPI-R1 series




2KVA (1U)

Made in:

Taiwan, ROC

AC Power for Battery Emergency Lighting
Automation Medical Equipment
Car Electrification  Railway Field
Civil and Military Nautical Telecom System



Clean,Highly Regulated Power Supply !
For Telecom:12 / 24 / 48Vdc DC Voltage.  
1U  / 2U / 3U 19" or 23" Rack-mount  type.  
1U  / 2U / 3U 19" or 23" Open Frame Cabinet.  
Digital Displays.  
Pure Sine Wave Output (THD <3%) Resistive Load.  
Bypass Function.  
Advanced Microprocessor.  
Built-in Transfer Switch.  
Loading & Temperature Controlled Cooling Fan.  
Output Frequency : 50 / 60Hz Switch.  
Adjustable Output Voltage.  
Input Surge protection & EMI Suppression.  
Modularized IGBT infrastructure to ensure better durability.  
Cold start function (DC start) functionality allows unit to operate with battery only.  
RS-232 Interface / Wire Connection to PC.  
Option: SNMP Interface / Dry Contacts / Remote Control.  
Protection : Input Under Voltage, Input Over Voltage, Overload, Short Circuit,   
  Low Battery Alarm, Over Temperature.  
1U 19" Rack Mount Type (2KVA)


E: 220V

SPI-R1-1202A SPI-R1-2402A SPI-R1-4802A SPI-R1-1202E SPI-R1-2402E SPI-R1-4802E
Outlook Rack Mount  19" 1 U
Capacity Continuous O/P Power 2KVA / 1.6KW 2KVA / 1.7KW 2KVA / 1.7KW 2KVA / 1.6KW 2KVA / 1.7KW 2KVA / 1.7KW
Surge Rating 1870W @ 1 Minutes 1870W @ 1 Minutes
2040W @ 20 Seconds 2040W @ 20 Seconds
DC Input I/P Voltage 12Vdc 24Vdc 48Vdc 12Vdc 24Vdc 48Vdc
I/P Voltage Range 10 - 16Vdc 20 - 32Vdc 42 - 62Vdc 10 - 16Vdc 20 - 32Vdc 42 - 62Vdc
Over Voltage Alarm 15.5Vdc 31.0Vdc 61.0Vdc 15.5Vdc 31.0Vdc 61.0Vdc
Over Voltage Cut-off 16.0Vdc 32.0Vdc 62.0Vdc 16.0Vdc 32.0Vdc 62.0Vdc
Under Voltage Alarm 10.5Vdc 21.0Vdc 43.0Vdc 10.5Vdc 21.0Vdc 43.0Vdc
Under Voltage Cut-off 10.0Vdc 20.0Vdc 42.0Vdc 10.0Vdc 20.0Vdc 42.0Vdc
Bypass (AC Input) Nominal Voltage  A: 1 Phase 2W+G, 110Vac (90V - 130Vac) E: 1 Phase 2W+G, 220Vac (180V - 260Vac)
Frequency  50Hz / 60Hz ± 3% 50Hz / 60Hz ± 3%
Protection Electronic Circuits & AC Circuit Breaker
Bypass Inverter ⇔ Bypass 4 - 6 ms     
AC Output AC Voltage Regulation A: 1Phase 2W+G, 100/110/115 /120 Vac (Switch Selectable)  E: 1Phase 2W+G, 200/220/230/240 Vac (Switch Selectable)
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz ± 0.05% (Switch Selectable)
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave, <3% THD @ Resistive Load
Output Power Factor 0.85 0.85
Peak Output Current 25 A 11A
Efficiency @ Full Load 86% 88% 90% 87% 90% 92%
No Load Current  Draw 1.45A 0.7A 0.45A 1.47A 0.8A 0.47A
Standby Current Draw  < / = 1.5W Power Saving Mode < / = 1.5W Power Saving Mode

Overload, Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity (Fuse), Input Under Voltage,

Input Over Voltage, Over Temperature 
Safety   UL60950-1 (File No. E324561) EN60950-1
EMC FCC class B 

EN55022: 2010/AC:2011 Class B

EN55024: 2010

EN61000-3 -2: 2006+A1:2009+A2:2009

EN 61000-3-3: 2013

IEC61000-4-2: 2008

IEC61000-4-3: 2006+A1:2007+A2:2010

IEC61000-4-4: 2012

IEC61000-4-5: 2005

IEC61000-4-6: 2008

IEC61000-4-8: 2009

IEC61000-4-11: 2004
Indicator Digital Display OVP, UVP, OTP, OLP, VAC, AMP, WATT, VDC, TEMP, Hz
Communication Interface Control Unit 

RS-232C with Baud Rate 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 (Switch Selectable)

Option-1: SNMP Interface

Option-2: Dry Contact: OVP, UVP, OTP, OLP  
Operating Temperature.  -20°C ~ 50°C 
Storage Temp. Range -30°C ~ 70°C 
Relative Humidity 0~90%, non-condensing
Cooling Air Forced Fan Loading & Temperature Controlled Cooling Fan
Dimension W424 * D416.8 * H44mm
Net Weight 9.0kgs
Wire Gauge
For AC Input / AC Output #12
Warning The proper connection needs to be made in reference to Line / Neutral

* All specifications mentioned above are subject to change without prior notice.


SNMP Interface
Dry Contacts
Remote Control
12 / 24 / 48Vdc  19" or 23" Telecom Inverter, Rack-mount Type is designed for long “MTBF” 
and continue provide manageable and dependable AC power for network demands. 
Featuring an integrated utility bypass function, pure sine wave output and low EMI / RFI emissions,
SPI-R series Telecom Inverters are well equipped for Telecom and other demanding
critical applications.
An intelligent microprocessor-based control and smart software for power management
include alerts on the LED display interface that ensure safety and reliability.
A SNMP option is available; and would allow the user remote communication access
to the inverter. SPI-R Series Power Inverters are among the most reliable systems
available for electricity and other demanding critical applications.