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3-Phase AC Output (80KVA ~ 160KVA)


SPI series





Made in:

Taiwan, ROC

Automation Large Scale Substation
Big Power Station Petrochemical & Industrial Plants
Civil and Military Aviation Railway Field
Civil and Military Nautical Telecommunication
Emergency Lighting    



Clean,Highly Regulated Power Supply !
Full Digital and Intelligent Inverter / DC UPS
The SPI series Power Inverter / DC UPS for Electricity is available
from 10 to 400KVA 110Vdc / 220Vdc; 10 to 800KVA / 348Vdc as standard,
in Single or Three Phase Output configurations.
Transformer base design with advanced IGBT to power conversion.
Advanced technology of PWM, DSP and IGBT Switching components:
  Improve the system stability and efficiency.
Complete Input to Output ‘Galvanic’ Isolation:
  Provides a completely isolated and re-reference output. This isolation protection provides
  a proven solution to problems created by induced voltages affecting the critical loads.
  Since the output circuit to the load is completely isolated and no noise induced on the
  neutral can permeate to the loads, systems operate in a more reliable fashion.
True galvanic isolation design to avoid ground current leakage.
Multi-CPU Control and the Excellent Compatibility between Hardware and Software
Reliable input surge protection and EMI suppression.
Efficiency Optimization Function
Soft start on inverter :
  Cold start function (DC-start) functionality allows unit to operate with battery only.
Automatic Self-testing Features:
  The system incorporates an automatic testing feature performed monthly. An event log
  will record, and store, up to 77 of the most recent events allowing the user to observe
  the condition of the system. The front panel display provides user notification of
  current system operation as well as provides the interface to view the event log and
  operating parameters.
Internal Maintenance bypass switch:
  An internal maintenance bypass switch is standard with all SPI series Power Inverter /
Inherent protection against human operational error.
High Output Power Quality and Overload Ability, Short in output will not cause the
  damage of Power Inverter / DC UPS.
Plug & Play Module Design for Easier and Faster Maintenance & Service
All electronics are built in modular front access and front removable sub-assemblies
  for easy service and maintenance.
Double Built-in Static Switches Capable to Handle under Harsh Operating Environment.
Protection against Detaching and Floating of the Neutral of Input Power Supply
Robust design allows use in harsh conditions and 24/7 continuous application.
Reasonable Heat Evacuation Passage Design
Diagnostic panel with LCD and LED display
Smart Thermo-controlled Fan Rotation to Increase the Fan Life Expectancy and
  Reduce Audible Noise
Huge charging power :
  The charging power is selectable (Lo/Me/Hi) according to Ah rating of the batteries,
  and can charge up battery banks providing more than 8Hrs back-up time without

adding an extra charger.

Smart Thermo-controlled Fan Rotation to Increase the Fan Life
Redundant power supply
  A supplemental power supply is added to provide redundancy for supplying power
  to the static switch, so that there will be AC output no matter what happens to the

Power Inverter / DC UPS.

Extremely flexible:
  The SPI series Power Inverter / DC UPS offer tailor-made power protection to comply
  with your individual installation requirements. Options include utility bypass
  function, filter, 12-pulse rectifier, and distribution panels.
Wide variety of communication interface:
  . 8 terminals of dry contact
  . 2 pairs of CNR16 terminals
  . 4 ports of RS485
  . 1 port of RS232
Data Log Capability
DC Input / 3-Phase AC Output (80KVA ~ 160KVA)
Model SPI-380-110
Capacity KVA 80 100 120 160
KW 64 80 96 120
Input Voltage   110VDC, 220VDC, 348VDC
Output Voltage 3phase 3W+G (Δ) : 200V / 220V / 380V / 400V / 460V AC
3phase 3W+N+G (Y) : 208V / 380V / 400V / 415V / 460V AC
Voltage Regulation  ±1%
Wave Form Sine Wave
Output Power Factor 0.8
Frequency Lock Range 50 / 60Hz ±3Hz
Output Frequency 50 / 60Hz ±0.1Hz (Free Running)
Phase Shift < 0.5° (100% Unbalance Load)
Total Harmonic Distortion < 2% (Linear Load)
Overload <110% / Continuous
    110 ~125% / 15 minutes
    125 ~150% / 10 minutes
    > 150% / 1 minute

Efficiency (100% Load)

94.5% 94.5% 95% 95%
Voltage Range 173 ~ 277VAC (L-N)
Mains⇔Inverter    0ms
Overall Efficiency 92.5% 92.5% 93.0% 93.0%
Size (W*D*H) 220*80*160cm 275*80*160cm
Audible Noise < 67 dBA (at 1 Meter) < 75 dBA (at 1 Meter)
Temperature   0 ~ 40℃ ( 32 ~ 104℉ )
Humidity 0% ~ 90% (Non–Condensing)
Altitude <1500 M Above Sea Level
Safety EN50091-1,-2, CE, UL 
Protection   Under / Over Voltage, Over Load, Short Circuit, Over Temperature
Lightning / EMC Filter  MOV / Input & Output (FCC CLASS A)
Galvanic Isolation Input & Output true Galvanic isolation
LED, LCD, Buzzer YES
Remote Control /
Communication Interface
Monitoring 1~99 UPS simultaneously / Dry contact, RS232, RS485
Remarks: 1.  Different specifications required are available
2.  All specifications mentioned above are subject to change without prior notice.



Reduce T.H.D. (Total Harmonic Distortion) of input current.

  A supplemental power supply is added to provide redundancy for supplying power to

the static switch, so that there will be AC output no matter what happens to the UPS.

  In case of hazard, for example electric shock, fire or earthquake, the UPS can be
  shutdown (will have no AC at the output) either through a switch (can be added
  upon request) or through smoke detector signal (can   be added upon request) to

prevent further injuries or destruction.

  For portability, the cabinets may be optionally equipped with the base-mounted

casters / leveler set as shown.


Cable entry can be from Front, Side, Rear or Top side.


UPSCANTM - Remote Control Panel



A hand held remote display and control module

with LCD and LED display that can monitor up

to 99 Frequency Converters via RS-485 at a

remote distance up to <1,000M (up to 3,000feet)

GPRS MODEM  - Auto-dialing Module   



In case of abnormal situation, it will automatically

dial to specified service center for help. Multiple

phone numbers can be set and no dedicated line

is required.

UPSCOMTM - 3 Phase PC Monitoring Software    


Can provide real-time three phases information

of  Frequency Converter connected on the line

and monitor 31 Frequency Converters max. with

one PC.

3 Phase SNMP Card


Can monitor and manage the Frequency Converters

through Web browser and Java applet, providing

simultaneously three phases data acquisition.

DCMANTM - Battery Monitoring Module



An intelligent module to keep watching each battery

in a battery bank connected in series and can

distinguish and repair the aged battery before

it is seriously worn out.

SPI series Power Inverters / DC UPSs are designed for long “MTBF” and continue to
provide manageable and dependable AC power for network demands. Featuring an
integrated utility bypass function, pure sine wave output and low EMI / RFI emissions,
SPI series Power Inverters / DC UPSs are well equipped for electricity and other
demanding critical applications.
An intelligent microprocessor-based control and smart software for power management
include alerts on the LCD / LED display interface that ensure safety and reliability.
A SNMP option is available; and would allow the user remote communication access
to the inverter. SPI Series Power Inverters / DC UPSs are among the most reliable
systems available for electricity and other demanding critical applications.