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All-in-One Power Solution for Long Backup


SHU series

Made in
Taiwan, ROC


Electrification of Villages in Remote Areas Pumping Systems for Irrigation, Rural
Medical Facilities in Rural Areas   Water Supplies and Livestock Watering
Microwave / Radio Repeater Stations Rail / Road Signals
Emergency Communication Systems Electrification of School in Rural Areas
Aviation Obstruction Lighting Systems Power Source for Summer Vacation
Water Quality and Environmental Data   Homes / Resorts
Monitoring Systems Shops, Micro Enterprises, Offices etc.

Generator Replacer!

A Powerful All-in-One Power Solution!
Available from 800W to 8KW output at 12/24/48VDC.
Utility+Inverter+Battery Charger+Transfer Switch+Solar Charger
  +Remote Control All in One.
Pure sine wave Inverter/Charger design ensuring compatibility
  with any kinds of loads.
Un-limited load applicability.
Low frequency feature compatible with wide range of high energy loads.
24 hour operation from inverter.

Un-limited batteries backup time.

Multi-stage charger supports big charge.
Compatible with both linear & non-linear load.
Controllable, Programmable and Removable LCD panel.
DC start and automatic self-diagnostic on Start-up.
Automatic transfer when power fails.
High Efficiency design to save electricity.
Low Heat dissipation over a long time operation.
<3% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).
Designed to operate under harsh environments.
3 LED lights provides easy reading on system status.
Inherent full-feature safety protections.
Integrates with a Generator set.
Support Solar Panel.
Optional Multiple interfaces cards available.
Model SHU8-24 SHU16-24 SHU24-24 SHU40-24 SHU60-48 SHU80-48
Capacity Watt 800W 1.6KW 2.4KW 4.0KW 6.0KW 8.0KW
Nominal Voltage 110/115/120Vac or 220/230/240Vac 220/230/240Vac
Acceptable Voltage Range 60~135V or 120~270Vac (nominal 120V or 220Vac) 120~270Vac
(220V System only)
Frequency  45Hz ~ 70Hz Auto-sensing

45Hz ~ 70Hz Auto-sensing

Low Voltage Transfer 60Vac+/-2% ; 120Vac+/-2% 120Vac+/-2%
Low Voltage Return 65Vac+/-2% ; 130Vac+/-2% 130Vac+/-2%
High Voltage Transfer 135Vac+/-2% ; 275Vac+/-2% 270Vac+/-2%
High Voltage Return 130Vac+/-2% ; 260Vac+/-2% 260Vac+/-2%
Nominal Voltage

110Vac (115 or 120Vac re-settable via LCD panel); 220Vac (230 or 240Vac re-settable via LCD panel)

220Vac (230V or 240Vac re-settable via LCD panel)

Voltage Regulation < 3% RMS for entire battery voltage range (Battery Mode)  
Frequency Regulation LineMode Synchronized to AC Main
Bat.Mode 50Hz or 60Hz  ±0.1Hz
Efficiency > 75% > 80%
Wave Form Pure Sine wave
Transfer Time < 8ms (Typical)
Cold Start Yes
Battery Voltage 24Vdc 24Vdc 48Vdc
Backup Time Based on the Batteries Connected
Overload LineMode > 110%, then Buzzer alrm and amber LED blink continuously
Bat.Mode 110%~150% for 30 sec; >150% for 200ms, then UPS Shuts Down
Short Circuit LineMode Circuit Breaker
Bat.Mode Electronic Circuit


LCD Display HOME UPS Status, I/P & O/P Voltage Frequency, Load Level, Battery Voltage & Level, Temperature, Model
LED Indicator Normal (Green), Warning (Yellow), Fault (Red)
Battery Mode Beeping Every 4 Seconds
Low Battery Beeping Every Second
HOME UPS Fault Beeping Continuously
Overload Beeping Twice Per Second
Safety Standard  EN62040-1-1
EMC EN62040-2
Marks CE
Operating Temp. 0℃ ~ +40℃ (32°F ~ +104°F)
Relative Humidity 0~95% RH Non-condensing
Audible Noise Less than 55dBA (at 1 M)
Capacity 800W 1.6KW 2.4KW 4KW 6KW 8KW
Size W*D*H 298*150*400mm 298*190*450mm 415*260*600mm
Net Weight kgs 14kgs 21kgs 23kgs 50kgs 52kgs 54kgs

  Remarks: All specifications mentioned above are subject to change without prior notice.

 • Green Power Mode
 • SNMP Monitoring Interface
DB-9 Card
 • Generator Starter
Introduction :
1. Description
  Pure sine wave Inverter/Charger design ensuring compatibility
  The Solar SP series is designed to have access to dual input source;
  one is AC source from a grid, and the other is DC source from a solar array.
  This series is a powerful all-in-one solution, not only delivering unsurpassed
  clean true sine wave output power and combining this with a selectable
  multistage battery charging current but also converting sunlight into clean energy.
  This series features durable and continuous 24-hour operation. Consequently,
  it is applicable to any kind of loads such as air conditioner, home appliances,
  consumer electronic and office equipment.
  The built-in 5-stage intelligent charger automatically charges any type of batteries
  without the risk of overcharge. The compact and modular design makes
  utility interactive installations easier and more cost effective. It is a high quality
  product that offers the best price-performance ratio in the industry.
2. Operation Modes
2-1 System Block Diagram
2-2 Normal Operation
  There are two main loops when AC utility is normal and DC electricity is generated
  from solar array under sufficient sunlight: the AC loop and the battery charging
  loop. The AC output power comes from AC utility input and passes through the
  static switch to support power to load. The battery charging voltage comes from AC
  utility input and is converted by AC/DC charger to support battery-charging power.
2-3 AC Utility Failure at Daytime (Solar Mode)
  The AC output comes from DC input from solar array through DC/AC inverter when
  the AC utility fails at daytime.

2-4 AC Utility Failure at Night (Battery Mode)
  The AC output comes from battery, passing through DC/AC inverter and static switch
  within during the battery backup time.