1 Phase Static (FIXED) Voltage/Frequency Converter


SAF series





Made in:

Taiwan, ROC

Voltage and / or Frequency Conversion •  Sophisticated Instruments
Power Conditioning & Freq. Stabilization •  TV & Radio Broadcasting Stations
Factory Automation Equipment Option: 400HZ APPLICATIONS:
Auto-test Equipment   Military System Diagnostics
Alarm / Security Monitoring Systems   Telecommunication Facilities
Cellular Sites   Avionics, Marine, Missile, Projectile Facilities
Export Product Testing   Airport Grounding Facilities include
Laboratory     Airport Terminal, Control Tower
Medical Equipment   Navigation
Precise Measuring & Testing Equipment   Any Facilities / Instruments have
Sophisticated Monitoring Systems     400Hz frequency Power System

Constant Voltage Constant Frequency !
Compact Size and User-friendly Design with LED & LCD Display



Please contact us, we will welcome the opportunity to review your problems

and provide you with necessary solutions.

Unique Air-cooling System
Optional AVR for Wider Input Voltage Range and Operating in Harsh Environment
Front Side Operation Design for easy installation and maintenance
Full Galvanic Isolated. No Electric Mains Disturbances;

Voltage Fluctuation and Low Harmonic Distortion

Single Control Board Design for Easy Maintenance Service
Power Factor Correction
Harsh Environment Tolerance
MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) > 80,000hrs
MTTR (Mean Time to Replacement) < 25mins
Full Protection & Audible Alarm for :
  Short Circuit Protection
  Overload Constant Power Protection
  Static Switch Protection
  Over Temperature Protection
  Two Stage Phase Lock Loop
Generator Friendly
CE Approved
 MODEL SAF-1101 SAF-1103 SAF-110375 SAF-1105 SAF-1106 SAF-1108 SAF-1110
 CAPACITY  KVA 1 3 3.75 5 6 8 10
 KW 0.7 2.1 3 4 4.8 6.4 8
 Phase 1Ø 2W+G (option: 1Ø 3W+G)

1Ø2W+G (option:

1Ø 3W+G) or 3Ø3W+G

or 3Ø 4W+G


  (select one)

 220V -15% +25%

       220V -15% +25% or 

-30% +40% with AVR option

220V -15% +25%,

or -30% +40% with

AVR option; or

3Ø4W+G 380V Y

-25% +30%

 Frequency 50 or 60Hz ±5Hz (Option: 400Hz)
 Phase  1Ø 2W+G (option: 1Ø 3W+G)   


  (select one)

       110V System: 100, 110, 115, 120V;  220V System: 200, 208, 220, 230, or 240V

(±5% adjustable)

 Voltage Regulation ± 1%


  (select one)

50 or 60Hz (Option: a. 400Hz; b. 50/60Hz Selectable)
 Frequency Stability ±0.5% (Free Running)
 Transient Response ±3% (100% Load Variation)

 Total Harmonic


<3% at 0~100% Linear Load
 Waveform Pure Sine Wave
 Power Factor 0.7~1, lag
 Crest Factor 3 : 1
 Efficiency >90%
 Over/Under Voltage Alarm
 Short Circuit Current Limited, Auto Cut-off, Fuse and Circuit Breaker
 Overload >150% / Auto Shutdown
 EMI/EMC EN50091-2, CE Approved
 Mains Failure Beeping every 4 seconds and mute after 90 seconds
 Overload Continuously
 Unit Fault Continuously
 LCD Real Time Stats, I/P&O/P Voltage and Frequency, Loading %, History record
 LED Utility LED (Green), Inverter LED (Green), Fault LED (Red), Overload (Yellow) & Warning
 RS-232 Interface Standard, c/w Power monitoring software
 DB-9 Connector Option
 SNMP Intelligent Slot Power management from SNMP manager and Web browser (Option)
 Operating Temp. 0℃~ 40℃ (32 ~ 104℉)
 Relative Humidity 0~90% (Non-condensing)   
 Audible Noise < 45dB @1meter
 Size (WxDxH/mm) 180x381x308 180x360x500 230x578x685 480x340x845
 Net Weight (Kgs) 20 33 60 66 69 115 116
 * All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
 * Custom-made specifications welcome.
Custom Input and Output Voltages and Frequencies
50Hz / 60Hz Output Frequency Selectable
Output Frequency Adjustable
10% Output Voltage Adjustable
Dual Input and Dual Output Voltage
SNMP Intelligent Slot and Software
Optional Bundle Software Automatically Save Your Valuable Files before Auto Shutdown

1. Install Frequency Converter ahead of loading equipment. No need to re-modify.
2. Save money. Change of frequency will cause some internal alterations different to original design,

 the manufacturer would refuse to provide free warranty and repair. 

3. In addition to Frequency Conversion, it can work as a Voltage regulator with more accurate and

consistent voltage regulation rate.

4. Auto shutdown for overload, over / under voltage, over current, over temperature and short circuit


5. Economical price if compare to AC Power Source / VARIABLE Frequency Converter.