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HPI-DT series Smart Contactless IVR for Telecom 2018/04/26

The most advanced and smart IVR with Touch Panel and GPRS – 5 ~ 315KVA -- October, 2013

With the best AVR for Telecom field in mind, we have studied the advantages / disadvantages of servo motor type, electronic type and other type of AVRs, then we have adopted their advantages to develop a new generation of AVR -- HPI-DT series Smart  Contactless IVR. 

Its main features are:

-  No Moving Parts to wear out

-  (-30% / +25%) or (-60% to +50%) Input Voltage Range

-  (+/-1.5%) Precise Voltage Regulation Rate

-  (</= 4ms/step) Fast Response Time

-  Harsh Environment Design

-  Advanced Full Protection:

   Under / Over Voltage, Phase Failure, Phase Reversed, Neutral Line Disconnected, Overload,

   Short Circuit Protection ... etc.

-  Loss Phase Protection:

    When one or two phases are off, 3 Phase AVR use only available phase(s) to provide 3 Phase

    output power

-   Surge & Lightning Protection

-   Full Isolated Manual Bypass

-   Auto Restore While AC Recovery

-   CPU Controlled

-   LCD Display / Touch Panel

-   RS-232 / RS-485 / GPRS for Remote Monitoring and Control

-   Reasonable Price

Please contact our sales representatives to find out more detailed features of
HPI-DT series Smart Contactless IVR for Telecom can offer. (sales@satechpower.com)