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HPI-O-33380 380K IVR/Variable Transformer/Slidac 2014/04/24

Thanks to PT Ebara Indonesia for purchase of

one HPI-O-33380 380KVA IVR -- November, 2013

Thanks for the purchase of PT Ebara Indonesia (His mother company – Ebara Corp. - A giant in pump field) for one 380KVA IVR. After careful listen to their urgent demand, we have specially designed and delivered the IVR in 10 calendar days. PT Ebara Indonesia is very satisfied with our quality product and service.

Satech Power has insisted on exclusively using copper windings in our IVR / VariableTransformer / Slidac.  Why?  Because of our commitment to quality. 

Due to its inherent conductivity, ductility, and strength, has always been the ideal material for conducting electricity. All IVR / Variable Transformer / Slidac are manufactured with only pure electrolytic copper windings. The following are the reasons why:


1. High Conductivity, Ductility, and Strength

The conductivity of annealed copper is set equal to 100%. This means copper provides more current carrying capacity for a given diameter of wire than any other engineering metal.

2. Copper resists corrosion and creep

It will not lose strength or conductivity under conditions of high humidity nor will it break down. The protective oxide which forms is a good conductor of electricity.

3. Copper has excellent thermal conductivity and therefore stays cooler during current flow.


This saves energy and promotes the dissipation of heat.


Other companies may take compromise to cut costs, but Satech Power is committed to quality in every way.


Please contact our sales representatives to find out more detailed features of HPI-O series IVR / Variable Transformer / Slidac can offer. (sales@satechpower.com).